Catalog n° INTOX014CD

Love Motel - Paradis

Love Motel
Après le paradis

Catalog n° INTOX014CD, Album
Release date : April, 2003

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Track listing:

  1. Another night
  2. Très fort
  3. Flesh
  4. She escaped xanadu
  5. 200 love motels
  6. Loser
  7. My love is strong for u (baby!)
  8. Essentielle
  9. When life was easy
  10. Après le paradis...
  11. Mai 98 - gva
  12. Another Night (deep metal mix)
  1. 4'14"
  2. 4'07"
  3. 4'45"
  4. 6'26"
  5. 3'20"
  6. 4'07"
  7. 4'00"
  8. 3'55"
  9. 6'08"
  10. 4'19"
  11. 3'11"
  12. 7'47"

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All music and lyrics by Kazemi. Except "She escaped xanadu"
lyrics by Pedro Jiménez-Morràz.
Published by Intoxygene.
Recorded at Love Motel Studio by Kazemi and at Studio Sure Shot,
records by Serge garcia. Mixed at Ionison Studio by Nicolas Sandoz.
Assisted by Stéphane Mercier. Mastered at Greenwood Studio by Glenn Miller.
Graphic concept by Francesca Reyes-Cortorreal.
Photography by Alexander Barrymore. Model Kojo.
Thanks to Post Tenebras Rock, Pathé Balexert, Les 3 Pinces.

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