Catalog n° INTOX002MX

Virtuart - Zouille Party

Zouille Party

Catalog n° INTOX002MX, Vynil
Release date : October, 2000



Track listing

  1. Zouille Party
  2. 1 petit tour en Protomobile
  1. 7'48"
  2. 9'34"

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DREHKAR: "ménestrels errant dont les chants portent
bonheur à tous ceux qui les entendent"

This is an extract whith two remix of the CD album "Drehkar".
Perfect Trance music for Dj's on 12 inch vinyl.


albums -> [ Drumz, bass... | Drehkar ]

12" -> [ Zouille Party | 5x St Ex ]

Malak - New lp : Encore humaine


Io'n debut album "Paris-Passay" has been released on april 2nd 2008: available via Believe in digital and La Baleine physically, and appeared live at "Vieilles Charrues Festival" in july 2008 check their Website !

Escal, new lp : illogical ways

ALEX CARTER, djaimin, Dubberman, Electrobolt, escal, FRANZ TREICHLER, intoxygene, Io'n, Ion, L20 Concept, Love Motel, MA-LAK, Patrick Jammes, Peeping Tom, peepingtom, The Young Gods, THIERRY ZABOITZEFF, Virtuart, Y Front, Zaboitzeff and Crew, [ma-lak]


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