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"The Perfect Male" latest album and singles : "New Jersey Girl" (check the video), "The Perfect Male Remixes" & "We All Love You (JP)".
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Follow the artist via his Youtube channel as well as his Facebook & Instagram pages.
Discover Angel's universe via Soundcloud, Bandcamp and via this Youtube channel.
Folllow the Facebook page and listen to "debut EP" is via this link and "Seuls" via Itunes, Amazon ...
Or stream this album via Spotify, Deezer or just choose your favorite link via here !
" The Vibe ", his second album was released in sept 2016, check it out here !
" Pseudologia Fantastica ", a cold-slow-beat-dub-chill-out-trip or dark-minimalist-atmosphéric-urban-music, in oct 2018.
Available via Bandcamp, Itunes, Amazon for purchase and for streams on Spotify, Deezer ...
and follow up on his social pages ; facebook, soundcloud and his Youtube's channels : The Vibe & Dubber Land !
A project associating Dubberman, from France & Tempio y Forma, from Argentina ; here's their facebook page & Youtube channel !
Debut material via Bandcamp, Itunes, Amazon ... & streams via Spotify, Deezer or just go here for "Distance" EP !
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The Project

Intoxygene is a publishing company that has also developp a record label to provide to music a fair and equitable environment for its existence and development.

The published songs are not all available on the label catalog as this is not a specific company policy, therefor you might have to go on third party sites to purchase recordings of the compositions hereby presented.

The parties involved in this project have been brought together by Patrick JAMMES, an independant music consultant, actor since the eighties of the independent music industry, who founded the company and act as the company manager.

From 1996, he developped intoXygene in order to face new technologies chalenge and try to allow to music published long term exposure.

The initial company commitments were with the Virtuart projects, then with the swiss artists Electrobolt & Peeping Tom through the licenses of their albums, The Young Gods recordings from 1997 to 2004, and more artists with whom productions or licences were concretised : Y Front, Love Motel, Djaimin, Alex Carter, Thierry Zaboitzeff's Missa Furiosa, Ma-Lak and Escal , as well as some publishing commitments for some compositions of : Io'n, Dubberman

Music, should bring humans to better mutual understanding !

Thanks for your attention and welcome on our site.

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