Love Motel

Love Motel - Apres le paradis

"après le paradis…"

Catalog n° INTOX014CD, Album
Release date : April, 2003




The latest production of Love Motel re-examines the late eighties sounds whose sombre sensuality now reaches us freed of its deceptive glitter.

This is no slavish revival seeking authenticity through faithful imitation.

The vintage sound is only one of the many fragments put together to complete this shuffling post-disco assemblage (a Lynch soundtrack with acid house samples woven into Princesque rhythms ? !).

The irony in this collection of tributes only renders them more sincere and this post-heavenly journey is also a multitude of contrasts for instance, between the darkness of metal and the sensuality of the soul voices or, between the overloaded guitars and the elegance of house music.

We are invited to freely wander through the velvety meandering corridors, to open the doors and discover the twelve songs bestowed by this private motel you can check out any time you like but… you can never leave.

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