Zaboitzeff and Crew

Zaboitzeff and Crew - Missa furiosa

"Missa Furiosa"

Catalog n° INTOX023CD, Album
Release date: 2004

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"Missa furiosa as a live show was presented during Linz-Brucknerfest at Linz-Posthof (austria) on september 2002 under the direction of Stéphane Vérité, Eric louteau carrère, Gérald gribé".

Thierry Zaboitzeff: Born in 1953. Composer co-founder of the group Art Zoyd which he left in 1996 in order to concentrate more intensively on his own sound development projects, and also confronting other performance art forms: dance, theatre, events. A sculptor of sound space, perfectionist and highly imaginative.

The High Mass?

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It could start like a low mass, not a murmer but something big scaled down. On stage, all the apparatus is condensed to a single point. The point of departure, so that the mass can but only grow, rise and swell in a constant crescendo, such that the maximum intensity is never attained. The voices, operatic and powerful, Thierry Zaboitzeff desires flesh for this mass. Real opera singers to reply to the electronic sounds. He wants to write the kyrie, gloria and other prayers. Latin, the amens, the pulpit needs a preacher. But this preacher bewitches us, it's his voice, his rhythm, the thunderous energy he uses. It is the emotion and "childhood memories" of Thierry Zaboitzeff that resurge in the clouds of incense.

These are ritual dancers, we know of them, those of rave parties who allow themselves to be carried towards a state of ecstasy, but here without ecstasy. The structure is there, immutable ritual consecration, where all know how it begins and ends. It is always the same story - stand up, sit down, stand up sit down... We give all with enormous pleasure, we sing with full voice and everyone senses the electrifying effect. This is paradise, sanctus and benedictus, it's so good to let yourself go, it's divine!!

The church's humid enclosure, the clammy coolness, the people who populate it and the empty echo of a detached voice.
The preacher, who at first slowly speaks, of you to me, then strings the words together, becoming charged and with a deep voice fills the sombre space, a powerful exhalation transforms into a roar. This energy mutates into a chant and is then taken up by the chorus of devotees. Death is the only pause for this assembly.

We will put the soprano-solo for the agnus dei, as Mozart did. He was right, Wolfgang - goose pimples for the agnus dei. It is the point of suspension to exit the vertiginious spell. Not a grandiloquant apothesis, no, more like a great moment when everyone gets up and exhales in unison.

Stephane Verite.

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