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Release date: September 2003

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DJAIMIN started his career as a DJ at the beginning of the 80’s at the Platinum, the only Funk-music Club in Switzerland, situated in Montreux, town where the International Jazz Festival takes place every year.

During the mid-80’s, he discovered with the american radio DJ talent, Tony Humphries, a new style of dance music called “vocal house music” considered as the evolution of Disco and played only in certain mythical clubs such as the “Paradise Garage” after which the new style of “garage music” was named. He rapidly adopted this new style and imported it in Switzerland at the same time of Ibiza’s “Balearic sound” and London’s legendary “rave and acid house partys”.

In order to promote this new movement in Switzerland, DJAIMIN opted to proceed via radio-media where he created the very first show dedicated exclusively to this style on “Couleur 3”, Switzerland’s top musical radio station. He choose to associate with Mr. Mike, future partner and friend and together they later became the “Black and White Brothers”.

Having become the leading pioneer of this movement, he decided to promote this style on a large audience level. In 1990, he invited Tony Humphries to Switzerland and started, with his advice, to compose and produce in a recording studio.

In 1992 his first single “Give You” was number 1 in all British Dance Charts and retained first place all around the world.

During the next five years, he re-mixed and produced under his pseudonym and confirmed his talent as a producer and DJ. Hits such as “Hindu lover”, “Fever”, “Absolut love” and “Open the door” reached often first places in the dance charts.

In 1998 he produced with Warner Brothers, a "best of” of his most famous tracks all re-mixed by Tony Humphries. In this summer, a new era was launched with the planetary success of the hit “Put your hands up” by the Black and White Brothers, then, he created a new band “Cristal Clear” and made a new summer hit in 1999 with “Gypsy love” and in 2000 with “Live your life”.

In 2001, he decided to make his first artist album as Djaimin and work under his own pseudonym with his now friend and partner Dominique Torche of Studio Relief. (

"MAJIK BACK" will be release in Switzerland with Universal/intoXygene simultaneously with the video clip “Enjoy” as well as vynils singles, Djaimin comes back with a re-releases and re-mixes like for exemple the classic “Give you” on Purple music with his old friend Jamie Lewis.


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