Catalog n° INTOX021MX

Djaimin - Enjoy


Catalog n° INTOX021MX, Album
Release date: September 2003



Track listing:

  1. Enjoy (Jamie Lewis Red Rose Mix)
  2. Enjoy (Djaimin Electro Pop Mix)
  3. Enjoy (Album version)
  1. 8'01"
  2. 5'19"
  3. 2'57"

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Performed and produced by: Djaimin at RELIEF STUDIO (CH)
Guests Performers: C. SCHOENMANN (Vocal)
Writers: Rolf Huwyler, Dario Mancini, Charmaine Schoenmann
Melchior Schuttel, Simon Schuttel, Dominique Torche

Published by: INTOXYGENE (SACEM)

Copyright: (p) 2003 INTOXYGENE


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